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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Tree Appeal

Flight Logistics Group is delighted and proud to be associated with the Tree Appeal. We take our personal and corporate environmental responsibilities very seriously and supporting Tree Appeal is just one of the ways in which we are aiming to reduce our own and our client’s environmental impact.

As a multi-modal distributor throughout the UK and across the globe the concept of “tree twinning” in the UK and Africa is particularly appropriate and engaging with our clients in pledging trees for shipment air miles and thus spreading the word about corporate, social responsibility is just one of our goals in subscribing to Tree Appeal.

For every million miles travelled by international consignments through our global networks Flight is committed to plant one broad leaf tree in the UK and “twinning” that tree with an additional tree planted in Africa. An annual summary of the number of trees planted on behalf of Flight and its clients is published on our partner page at This scheme has been introduced in 2014 to help offset the carbon emissions of both Flight Logistics Group Ltd and its clients. The more we ship, the more we plant. It is estimated that during 2014 approximately 150 trees will be planted on our behalf.