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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Environmental Policy


In recent years there has been a substantial increase in public concern on environmental issues. As a responsible employer Flight Logistics Group Ltd takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and our Environmental Management Policy is integral to our ethos and business practice. Please click on one the heading below to see further details

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to the continual improvement of our policy and strive to reduce the impact we have on our environment.


We continually monitor our progress and review environmental performance on a regular basis (Annually).

Compliance and Legislation

Flight Logistics Group Ltd complies with all current legislation as a minimum level of performance, aiming to exceed this wherever possible.

Education, Encouragement and Training

As part of our induction programme all new members of staff are required to have an understanding of our environmental policy and if deemed necessary to attend local training schemes. Employees are encouraged to consider their travel arrangements through lift sharing schemes, use of public transport, and walking/cycling to and from work.

Water and Energy

Through the use of various education and training programs we are committed to reducing the amount of water and energy used in the daily running of our business. Energy- efficient solutions are encouraged within the group. Office refurbishment and repairs are made in accordance with environmental legislation at all sites. This includes the use of energy saving light and heat systems.

Green Invoicing

All clients are given the opportunity to subscribe to our electronic green invoicing scheme and are encouraged to designate a recipient email address for the forwarding of invoices, statements and reminders from our accounts department. This helps to minimise both our and the clients carbon footprint by cutting down on paper copies of invoices and statements, and the miles travelled to deliver them. On the accounts payable side we have created the facility within our own software to receive, allocate and approve supplier invoices electronically thus negating the need for paper copies and postal services.


Through the use of various transport management systems and the conversion from diesel to LPG where appropriate, we are committed to reducing the level of CO2 emitted by our fleet of vehicles. All vehicles are fitted with tracking devices which monitor driving behaviour related to fuel efficiency and which reduce unnecessary mileage by selecting the most effective routing. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and all drivers are required to do various maintenance checks on a daily / weekly basis to ensure that vehicle engine emissions are minimised where possible.

Goods moved on our behalf by our network partners use a variety of different modes and types of transport. Whilst we are unable to directly control those companies with regard to their carbon footprint we do investigate each suppliers CSR policy as part of our selection process and aim to work with companies whose environmental policy compliments our own.


Our waste disposal practices conform to current legislation and we only utilise the services of recognised waste management and recycling companies.

All general office waste is contracted to Grundon Waste Management Services and is sorted for recycling with minimal landfill. All waste is certified on collection.

All cardboard and plastic waste is baled using our own Miltek Waste Press and collected and processed by D.S. Smith for full recycling within the UK. D.S. Smith operates a “zero landfill” footprint policy. All recycling is certified on collection.

All out of date food stuffs (not accepted by charities) are fully recycled (including packaging) through Grundon Waste Management. Gift packaged food waste is deconstructed and sorted – foodstuffs in glass are separated from foodstuffs in cardboard / paper / plastic (primary packaged).

The primary packaged food is sent directly to an Anaerobic Digestion plant. The packaging is broken down and the food removed for digestion to create power (recycled back into the grid), the packaging is sent on for refuse derived fuel.

The glass packaged waste goes through a shredder and glass washing system that separates the solid glass from the washed through food. The food is then repackaged and sent on to anaerobic digestion and the glass is sent on for glass recycling.

We have a full pallet recycling service, re-using all pallets (standard, printers and euros) throughout our warehouse and distribution network. All treated pallets are kept for export services and all CHEP pallets are audited each week through the CHEP Pallet scheme.


We offer all damaged pallets or non-recyclable pallets to the local community. Local schools regularly come to us for bonfire “fodder”, local firewood suppliers also select and take away suitable material whilst local allotment communities use our pallets to build raised growing beds for vegetables and composters. Through one of our clients, the Royal Horticultural Society (Wisley), we offer free-cycled pallets for raised beds and composters through their school gardening scheme Website:


Flight Logistics Group Ltd believes that local recycling through ethical organisations offers a more credible solution to offsetting carbon emissions.

Printer / toner cartridges form all our offices are recycled through Heathrow Special Needs Farm (one of our local chosen charities). The farm raises much needed revenue by recycling donated cartridges.

As well as company mobile phones we encourage employees to donate unwanted personal mobile phones to our chosen charity through The Recycling Factory. Our chosen charity for 2014 is the Make A Wish Foundation.

I.T. hardware and consumables are all recycled locally through This company works with local charities and schools to re-use computer consumables either in their entirety or as spare parts.

Data Protection and Print Management

To minimise print waste and meet Data Protection legislative requirements Flight Logistics Group offers full database and address management together with mail returns management. This ensures carefully targeted Direct Mail Campaigns and subscription mailings with accurate print forecasting.

In addition office and warehouse consumables (such as mailing envelopes, laser paper, polywrap etc) are sourced with a carbon neutral rating wherever possible.